"RCTM EUROPEAN" (RCTM-EUROPEAN) is an international tournament for rctank pilots that takes place in Moscow (Russia), during Hobby Expo exhibition, dedicated to different kinds of hobby as well as techical sports and different competions.

There are rctank models of 1/18 to 1/15 scale allowed to participate in the competitions during the event.

RCTM-EUROPEAN is an open tournament for individuals and national rcTank Clubs and Associations and Federations.

Event registration is required.

RCTM-EUROPEAN encounts several competitions that rcTankmen pass. They are:


2. THREEATHLON - rcTank race with obstacles and IR target shooting.

3. RCTANK TROOPHY - rcTank race with obstacles.

4. RCTANK DUELS - rcTank battles for individuals

5. RCTANK TEAM BATTLES - rcTank Battles with different scenarios.

All these competitions can be organised during the event or only several can be chosen to be aranged in one program.

All rcTankmen will be awarded by points for their efforts to give at the end the Winner in each competition or the Team-Winner, and at the end of the tournament the Champion and the Team Champion.

Prior before the event the program is being published to give the full picture of the event.


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