“Beier Electonics” sponsors the first prize in RCTM-2017 event at Hobby-Expo in Russia.

Hobby-Expo is the biggest event in the world of RC-modelling sport and hobby in Russia. Annually this exhibition is visited by spectators and professionals from different parts of Russia and CIS. The average number of visitors varies from 8 to 11 thousand people.

While visiting the venue people can see different aspects of RC-hobby: aircraft and planes, rc-cars, rc-drifting speed cars, rc-trucks, rc-ships, railway mock-ups etc.

RcTanks stand aside from all the mentioned above. RcTanks do not just move as cars or ships, they have the ability to fight or battle with each other. And this feature makes RcTanks very, very special in rc hobby overall.

Enthusiasts in Russia formed “Federation of RcTanks Modelling Sport” two years ago. But promotion of the RcTank sport started long before.

“RcTanks Circle Race Competition” is one of the sport disciplines that attracts as pilots and just spectating fans. This RcTank competition discipline is the easiest in its class. A pilot (rctankman) has to pass a circle course with obstacles en-route with minimum time spent as well as without or with minimum penalty obtained. Field marshals that trace how a pilot drives its model are quite strict and follow both along the way.

The first prize winner in “RcTanks Circle Race 2017” was Dmitry Fedoseev, from Central Sport RcTank Club (Moscow). The winner obtained a fabulous sound board by “Beier-Electronics”, a well-known producer from Germany. To say more, Beier-Electronics is the expert in the subject of electrical engineering and have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge. For over 30 years, the company offers high quality solutions in the area of electrical control technology. Based on many years of experience in developing electric control systems, Beier-Electronics has used its hard- and software skills to develop a universal sound and light module for model railways and RC models in other words “Bring your RC model to life!" (get more information about Bier-Electronics HERE)

Dmitry Fedoseev (left) & Sergey Alexandrov (right) - prize-holders in RCTM-2017 event Circle Race Competition.

Second prize winner was Pavel Ignatov from RcTank Club "Proryv" (Moscow). The prize was sponsored by Hobby-Ostrov company and Heng-Long company (the world leader in producing RcTanks) , and the third winner was Sergey Alexandrov from Central Sport RcTank Club (Moscow). The prize was sponsored by the on-line catalogue RcTank.RU and HengLong company (the world leader in producing RcTanks)

Our sincere congratulations to the winners and best wishes in competitions in future!

You can see all photos HERE.
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