The Organizing Committee and RC Tanks Sports Federation is glad to announce that in April 14-16, 2017 the RC Tank Meet will take place in Moscow, capital of Russian Federation, at Crocus Expo Venue.

If we look back, we can say that the first international meet has happened in 2011, when the delegation of RC Tank pilots and modellers from Check Republic first have visited this exhibition.

It was the first experience and there were other meets afterwards. Nowadays RCTM Family encounts teams from Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Azerbaijan participating actively in the rctanks' program during the event.

This year the program will include 2 streams. Stream 1 (for adult rcTankers) will include Installation Competition and rcTanks Team Battles. Stream 2 (for youngsters) will include rcTanks Circle Race.

Two companies have gladly agreed to sponsor these events Beier Electronic, HengLong and HobbyOstrov. We are glad, grateful and proud to have our sponsoring partners on board.

We encourage other rcTanks Clubs to join RCTM event and will be glad to welcome all of us in Moscow!
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