IRCTO basics

What is the meaning of "IRCTO"?

It was the abreviation of International Remote Control Tankers Association.

Some years ago...

In 2010 there was the initiative to create some kind of International Organization that would:

- bear the responsibility of organizing some events from time to time,
- set up standards for all rc-Tank Clubs and individuals that would decide to join its events and
- speak to the producers regarding rctankers society requirements.

Several Clubs and Organizations from different Countries initiated the new International Radio Control Tanks' Organization - IRCTO - for our hobby further development.

But this was just an initiative with no further development in conjunction to organize real rctanks' events and meets.

However, because of this initiative RC Tank Sport appeared as the sport in Russia, that has been promoted by nowadays FTMS.

What did IRCTO stand for?

IRCTO’s main GOAL was to help the world wide RC Tank hobby by establishing simple rules and standards to allow worldwide interaction between RC tankers and their equipment, using input from the Clubs and Individuals World Wide.

IRCTO purpose was both to promote:
1) the hobby of Radio Control Model Tanking,
2) RC Tank Modeling Sport as the separate kind of RC sports competition
3) to help setting and then promoting standards within RC Tanks’ Modeling industry.

RCTO was planned to be more than just some kind of association. It was planned to create a Fellowship of Clubs and PEOPLE that love rc tank modeling and rc tanks’ battling and also RC Tank battles across the globe they were sharing their knowledge, artist skills, technology and competition skills. This kind of exchange was to bring enormous benefits to all of us. As you can see the same idea is raised on the home page.

And of course IRCTO set up core standard for tank battles’ practices.

IRCTO stood for Tamiya and Tamiya Compatible Models as the standard in its rc-tank battles, where the basics were:

p.1. • All I.R. device (it is not an RC Tank or vehicle) had to work on the 38kHz frequency.

p.2. • All IR devices had to have at least three weight classes Light, Medium ,Heavy.

p.3. • All RC devices had to have a certain % of motor power decrease after certain hits received (according to the weight class) see Table 1 for reference.

p.4. • All devices had to have a standard indicating of shots: flash indication, sound indication and recoil indication OR at least two out of three mentioned before: either flash and sound; or flash and recoil; or sound and recoil.

p.5. • All devices had to have a standard IR sensor Pin out of 5V, Sig, Grd, LED –, LED + .

That was the history.

However the standard that was set up even earlier that 2010 now is being practiced, developped and promoted by many people to make our competitions more attractive and fare.

To say more, this standard has been taken as the core in rctank battles practiced by different rctank clubs all over the world.


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