Dear RC Tankers All over the world!

Our hobby is the youngest one in the family of RC Modeling and especially in family of RC Sports, if we talk about RC Tanks' Battling as Teams' Competition.

It is not a secret that different countries across the globe organize local events - tank meets, exhibitions, workshops, Tank Ruffles etc., where we can see the significant growth of RC tank model-skills development and development of the industry itself. In other words, RC Tank Modeling gets new allies, enlarges and enriches the quantity of people, who support rctanks hobby in different countries.

It is time to bear the responsibility of organizing some events from time to time, set up standards for all rctank Clubs and individuals that take a decision to join rctanks events and, finally, speak to the producers about our comunity concerns and expectations.

Our intiative is called RCTM - RC Tankers Meets. And we hope that this initiative will create some kind of Fellowship of Clubs and people that love rctank modeling and rctanks’ battling. And also, during rctanks Competitions across the globe rctankers will share their knowledge, artist, technology and competition skills.

For sure this kind of exchange will bring enormous benefits to all of us.

Heng Long visits RCTM-2017

  • 23.04.17, 10:11
  • Просмотров: 346
On April 14-16, 2017, Mr. Johny Chang was greeted by Federation of RcTank Modelling Sport in Moscow.

RCTM-2017 event photos

  • 21.04.17, 13:53
  • Просмотров: 429
Please follow the below link to see all photos of the event.
Hobby-Expo is the biggest event in the world of RC-modelling sport and hobby in Russia. Annually this exhibition is visited by spectators and professionals from different parts of Russia and CIS


  • 15.02.17, 16:55
  • Просмотров: 412
The Organizing Committee and RC Tanks Sports Federation makes a re-announcement: RC Tank Meet will take place in April, in Moscow, capital of Russian Federation, at Crocus Expo Venue.

BEIER-Electronic sponsors the event.

  • 06.07.16, 17:13
  • Просмотров: 532
BEIER-Electronic has confirmed its readiness to sponsor the forthcomming event RCTM-European-2017.


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